How Car Recycling Works

Recycling a car has many steps and is pretty time consuming. Many people wonder how car recycling works. There are many steps to the process and we will explain them.

Removal of All Fluids

The removal of all of the fluids is generally one of the first step in recycling a car. Most of these fluids are toxic and dangerous for the environment. This is why it is one of the most important to handle first. All of the fluids are removed and separated and sent to the proper recycling station.

Reusable Parts

Even though a vehicle may not be “road worthy”, there are still many parts that can be used to repair another vehicle. Even parts like motors, transmissions, starters, etc. are often sent out to remanufactures to be rebuilt rather than fabricating new ones altogether. Batteries have an over 99% recycling rate.

Done by Hand

Most of the work is done by hand. This is the separation of the glass and plastics being striped. This is done when it is feasible and not so time consuming. These pre-separated part are also valuable as parts alone or recycled individually.

Crushing and Shredding

Once most of the useful parts are removed the vehicle is then sent to be shredded or crushed. Recycling the steel uses around 75% less energy than to manufacture new steel altogether. This is definitely a boost for the environment.

Why Recycle?

Think of it as having those green bins in front of our houses. Scrap yards do the same thing. They separate all of the different materials and successfully sort them to the proper facility to recycle them. 844 Junk Auto can answer any questions you have about recycling your junk car. Getting rid of your vehicle can make you feel good in two ways, helping the environment and putting cash in your pocket. We pay the highest for junk vehicles in New York and surrounding areas. Our system is fast and simple with minimal paperwork. We also make it even easier on you by having our truck on the road 24/7. Call or contact us and we can explain everything in the process. It is so simple you will be surprised you haven’t done it sooner.
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