There are more ways than one that recycling your car can help the environment. Just the word “recycle” is the main reason.

Recycling your old or damaged vehicle can play a big factor in helping out the environment in more ways than one.

Recycling Your Car Helps the Environment

You might just think that having your old car compacted and smashed into a cube is enough, but there is more to it than just that.

Recyclable Materials

Of all of the different materials that a vehicle is made of, steel and iron are the most recycled. There are still many other materials like plastics, rubber and other things not normally associated with recycling.

Saves Energy

Recycling old metals save energy more than most think. By using recycled metals means that is does not need to be manufactured, just reformed. This saves a lot in water and energy that is needed to produce these materials.


When a vehicle is recycled, all of its fluids are recycled. This includes all of the different oils, contaminated waters and everything else that makes a car run. Not only are the metals turned into something new, so are the fluids. All of the oils are sent to be recycled and save them from being dumped into the earth.

Spare Parts

Auto recyclers usually try to salvage the still working parts off of a vehicle. This doesn’t just save money for the consumers of these parts, it also save from having from having to producing new ones. Production of new old parts can save a lot of manufacturing time, materials and resources.

Calling 844JunkAuto can help you contribute to saving the environment. We make it simple for you and can even give you a quote over the phone. Our process is simple and only involves a few steps.

First Step

Get a free quote by just contacting us. We will ask a few questions about the vehicle with no hassle.

Second Step

We pick it up without having you to worry about the delivery or transport of the vehicle. Our people are on the road 24/7 for your convenience.

Get Paid (Last Step)

Once the paperwork is signed, you get cash in hand! We don’t like a lot of paperwork just like you don’t either. Simple, Fast, and Done!

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