Although junk cars are usually regarded as garbage, you can still manage to get some cash for it if you know where to look. Hundreds, if not thousands of junk car buyers and salvage yards across the nation are interested in purchasing junk vehicles. Junk cars are usually used for many purposes, however not many people actually know how the whole process works. If you need to get rid of your junk car, but you’re not sure how to get cash for it, just contact your local junk car buyer or salvage yard. Here’s a brief breakdown of why your junk car is worth money and what happens to it once you’ve sold it.

Junk Cars and Motorized Vehicles are the Most Recycled Object in the U.S.

The recycling frenzy is reaching its climax as we are in a race against time to save our beloved planet. Cars and other vehicles are the most recycled object in the United States, and most likely the whole world. Yes, even more than paper and plastic.

Cars are made with so many different materials, including metals and metal alloys, that are reused to make other vehicles and a variety of other items.

More than 85% of Car Material is Recyclable.

As we mentioned before, cars are made from so many materials that they can be largely recycles. Up to 85% of the average car can be recycled and/or reused, including parts that can be salvages and simply used as replacements. New cars are also made from materials that have not been used before, such as synthetic reusable leather, so cars released every year bring more recyclable features. This means your Junk Cars value will go up depending on how new it is.

A Single Junk Car Motor can Be Filled With Up to 10 Gallons of Fluids.

When we say Junk Cars, the first thing that springs into mind is metal and plastic. However, a single Junk Cars engine can be filled with a whopping 10 gallons of fluids. These include fluids such as water, oil and of course, fuel.

However, vehicle motors also use other liquids such as antifreeze that can add up to this massive number.

Salvage Yards Need to Be Licensed.

All salvage yards in the U.S. and Canada need to be licensed, bonded and insured just like any other business. This guarantees you will be receiving the best service and price for your junk car. In addition, it also safeguards the junk car buyers and salvage yards in case anything was to go wrong. In order for you to find the best salvage yard or junk car buyer you must make sure they have a good business image. Also, note if they have a step-by-step process of handling all vehicles from the moment you get in contact with them. Lastly, if you have the chance to visit the buyer or salvage yard, then you should make sure they have good housekeeping and hygiene practices as you wouldn’t want your car to end up in the wrong hands.
Stay tuned for more information on junk cars and salvage yards. If you want to sell your junk car and you’re not sure where to start give us a call and our team of qualified experts will be more than happy to help you today. Call us now!

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