Many people end up hanging on to their old car because they don’t know when it is time to scrap their car.

Hanging on to your old car is something a lot of us tend to do. It is mostly because we are unsure when to just get rid of it.

Recycling Your Car Helps the Environment

As a vehicle gets older they get more costly to repair. We don’t tend to look at it that way because it seems like a couple of bucks here and there without realizing that it starts to add up quickly.

Not your Style

Maybe it could be that you have outgrown your car and want something a little more modern and stylish, then you realize that your old car isn’t just worth all that much. This is a perfect example when scrapping your car would be much easier than trying to sell it outright.

Severe Damage

Accidents happen all the time. Most accidents can be easily repaired without noticing it has been damaged. Every once in a while a car will be totaled. This is when it actually costs more to repair the vehicle than it is worth.

The Environment

As a vehicle gets older, the parts start to wear out more and more. Many times this can affect the emissions and the amount of pollutants released into the air. More modern cars do not release as many pollutants and therefore better for the environment.


Can also almost fall into the category as above. Newer cars have much higher safety standards than their older predecessors.

We Make it Easy

Our process is super simple with very little paperwork. You call or fill out our form online. We can get you the highest paid price for your junk car.

Arrange for Pickup

Our trucks are on the roads 24/7 all over New York. We come to you anytime, at your convenience. 100% hassle free for you.

Get Paid Cash

After the simple paperwork is done, you get cash in your hands at that moment. We pay more than anyone else for your junk car in New York.

Call or contact us and see how much you can actually get for your junk car. You just might even be surprised. Let us get rid of that eyesore for you. We make it easy and fast to get you cash in hand.

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