What Determines the Value of a Junk Car

It is a common misconception that all junk cars have the same value as they are junk. This is not true because there are different factors that determine the value of a junk car.

Year, Make and Model

This can make a big difference in the value of the vehicle. If it is a commonly driven vehicle, it could hold a high value as the parts are still in demand. This also matters in how much scrap metal is contained in the vehicle.

Scrap Metal Prices

The prices of scrap metal fluctuate regularly. This could also depend on where you are located for the price of scrap metals. It also depends on what the vehicle consists more of, steel and aluminum.


This is something that also determines the value. Even if the vehicle doesn’t run it still could be worth more than you think. If the rest of the car is in good shape, it could be valuable to someone else for the parts.

Scrap Metal Prices
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