Common Traits of a Junk Car

A lot of time people will think they can keep their car going through repair or just keep running them into the dirt. Here are some reasons that your car might already have one wheel in the grave.

Old Age

Unless your car is immaculate and runs great, it might be time to call a junk car recycler. Some cars that are 20 or 30 years or more sometimes just are not worth the repair. Some parts can also start to get expensive because they will be harder to find.


All vehicles will get their dings and dents. The problem is when they start to accumulate over time. You might not notice it because it happens slowly over time. Cracked head/tail lights, crinkled fenders, hard to start are some of the signs it is time to junk your vehicle.


In colder areas (like us here in New York) cars are more prone to rust because of winter. This is due to the deicing agents used. The salt they use on the roads does not help reduce rust. Another one is if you live next to the ocean and get salt spray on your car.
Scrap Metal Prices

Extremely Used

The first thing one notices when a car has been extremely used is when the interior starts to fail. Worn down seats and a falling head liner is where the interior will tell you that. Broken mirrors and uneven bumpers from too many light hits are an exterior signs that it is getting old.


OK this one is kind of obvious. When a car has been in a wreck and the costs will cost more than what the car is worth, this will make it a totaled vehicle. Why spend money on something that is not worth it in the long run?
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