How the Pandemic Affects Junk Car Value

With everything that has been going on, we have all been affected. There is one thing thought is not really part of this affect, junk car value. Demand for used parts has increased and here we will explain why.

Parts Manufactures

With all of the restrictions, many businesses have been affected by shutdowns. This means that some parts are harder to find than normal (we are not going to talk about the canal thing, don’t worry).


Most businesses tried to keep functioning. Some people still had to show up aat work and most important, deliveries had to be made. New, used and commercial vehicles were in demand. Because of factories shutting down, part were in higher demand all over.

Older Vehicles

Now there are older vehicles on the road than ever. This means that replacement parts are in high demand. Because most vehicles are not being used as daily transportation, they are staying put. This is the main contributor to having older vehicles on (or parked) on the road. This increases demand for used parts also.

Junk Car Prices Rising

Because of the lack of new parts (even microchips) has caused the delay of new vehicles entering the market. This means that more and more people are repairing their older vehicles. With all of these people hanging on to their older cars, the price of used parts are rising. Supply and demand basics.

Your Benefits

Back in the days, junk cars were only worth the value of scrap metal. This has changed due to supply and demand. Vehicles are not just scrapped just for the metals and plastics, they are now being harvested for parts. This could make your junk car worth more than you think it is.
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