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There are some things that should be expected when looking for a junk car removal company so you don’t get taken advantage of.

What Should be Expected of a Junk Car Removal Company

Now that you have finally decided that your car has passed its lifetime, it is time to find a junk car removal company. Now it comes time to find a reputable company to haul it away.

Go Local

Going local is one way to be sure you are not getting rerouted to some kind of sub company. Plus this also assures you that the company will give you a quote that fits your market area. Knowing that they pay for transportation, that will put more money in your pocket

Cash Should Equal Quote

844 Junk Auto will never quote you a price and then, when they get there, try to lower the cash that they give you. This is something that happens all too often in the industry.

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

The towing is always free. Deducting for the tow is another way some companies will try to lower the amount of cash that is put in your pocket.


844 Junk Auto always pays cash. This way you are assured that there are no hidden traps when the car is being removed. Checks might not clear, this is why we always pay cash for all of the cars we pick up.

Check the Paperwork

You need to receive a bill of sale before the car is removed. This way you are assured that all liabilities are transferred to the junk car removal company.


Call or contact us and we can give you a price for your vehicle so you do know what we offer. We pay the highest for junk vehicles in New York. Our friendly staff can explain the simple process.

 Once agreed, we come out and pick up your vehicle. It doesn’t matter when you want it removed. Our car removal trucks are out on the road 24/7. This means that there is no inconvenience to you.

 Upon finishing the simple paperwork, you get cash in hand. This procedure is much simpler than most people think. Making money from your car could never be simpler. Call us or visit our website to get started.

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