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What Happens to Your Junk Car After Removal

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What Happens to Your Junk Car After Removal

More often than not people don’t really think about what happens to your junk car after removal. Cars aren’t just thrown into the crusher like the movies. There is a lot more involved in the process.

Pump and Dump

It sounds funny, but it’s true. All recyclable fluids are pumped out of the vehicle. This includes oil, freon, gas and even down to the brake fluid. These are all hazardous materials to just try and put them back into the earth. They are often resold to convert into other oils that can be sold instead of just being dumped.

There is Still Value in a Junk Car

Although a car might not be in running condition, mechanically or physically, there are still some valuable parts inside. Things that are not normally thought of are still in good condition. Batteries, tires, electronics and other components can be resold to a market that there is a high demand for used parts no longer available.


When you go to your local auto parts store and buy something like an alternator, water pump or starter they ask for a core. Where does the original core come from? Probably a junkyard. Even if the original piece is not functioning, the “core” pieces are still valuable.


Mechanics will disassemble the cars of all of the valuable pieces. Sometimes this will even include the interior pieces of the car that can be turned into recyclable plastic. This also includes the other high price metals that can be removed like catalytic converters and aluminum piping.

The Last Step

Ok, now it can go to the crusher. It will be compacted or crushed into those small cubes that we see in the movies. The iron and steel will be separated at the recycler’s yard. Now it has met its final destination. Basically that is what happens when you have your junk car removed. We make it simple for you while protecting the environment.

844 Junk Auto can answer any questions you have about recycling your junk car. Getting rid of your vehicle can make you feel good in two ways, helping the environment and putting cash in your pocket. We pay the highest for junk vehicles in New York and surrounding areas.

 Our system is fast and simple with minimal paperwork. We also make it even easier on you by having our truck on the road 24/7. Call or contact us and we can explain everything in the process. It is so simple you will be surprised you haven’t done it sooner.

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