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When it is All Over

There can come a time when a car could become beyond repair. This can be mostly when severe mechanical damage is present. This is everything from boday damage to suspension, engine and even the transmission.

The Drivetrain

The engine or transmission replacement can sometimes cost almost as much as the car’s value. Then you have to think, is it really worth replacing these parts? That could be money spent on replacing the car rather than paying the costly repairs along with the down time while spent in the shop.

Body and Suspension

Sure collisions cause damage that can be seen easily, but sometimes it is not noticed what is underlying. The suspension often receives damage along with the structure of the vehicle. It might just look like a bent fender, it can also be worse once it is further inspected.

Brooklyn Junk Car Removal

844 Junk Auto know how important it is to have your junk car removed in Brooklyn. This is something that needs to be done in a very timely manner in order to keep fines from accumulating. We make it simple and get cash in your hands fast.

Our Process

Not only do we put cash in your pocket we make it simple at your convenience. We are the experts at getting you the most for your vehicle and fast.

  • No middlemen:
  • You deal directly with us. There is no change of plans once an agreement is made, that simple.

  • The most money for your car:
  • In all of Brooklyn, we pay the highest of anyone else for your vehicle. It doesn’t matter the year, make or model. We beat everyone else hands down.

  • At your convenience:
  • We are on the clock seven days a week and are able to meet with you at almost any hour. You don’t have to reschedule yourself to get rid of your problem vehicle, leave that to us.


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It doesn’t matter if it is running or not, we get you cash for your Brooklyn junk car no matter what condition it is in. Call or contact us for a free quote so you can walk away with more cash in your pockets. We make it simple and fast and at your earliest convenience. Find out why we are the highest payer in five boroughs in New York. We are on your side.

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